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Open Heart Meditation

Heart Chakra

An open heart is a beautiful thing. People who do heart chakra meditation are a special loving individuals. Their hearts are full of love, forgiveness and compassion. They attain a level of tranquility that leaves them with inner peace in the midst of conflict. 

It really takes a special person to take on loving heart meditation. They may be blocked by anger, grief, hatred and jealousy, but they know they can be free from all negative emotions. And indeed, they can achieve a deep inner calm with loving heart meditation. 

If you experience disconnect from people, or a lack of empathy then this spiritual practice may be what you need. It will open you up to trust of others and yourself. In time, people will open to you allowing you to see their deepest selves, they will trust and deeply appreciate you.

Opening your heart with by meditating on opening your heart will naturally lead to more love in your life. And, the more love you have in your life, the more your heart will open. The openness of your heart is a measure of the love in your life.

The heart center, or chakra, is the fourth energy center. The root, which is sometimes referred to as the center even though it is located in the lower part of the chest, is in the solar plexus, the area just below the bottom of the breastbone. It extends up to the hollow of the throat just above the breastbone. It extends all the way out to the sides including the arms, which are for hugging after all. 

Have you ever felt your heart open, the warm open feeling in the center of your chest? For example, when you see a baby, or better when they look at you the way they do. Or, if you’ve ever been in love, the feeling in your chest you get when you see or think of the one you love. That feeling is your open heart. 

Hugging someone you feel very close with can also evoke a feeling of warmth and openness in your heart. Seeing someone in pain, someone that is suffering from trauma or grief can cause a deep feeling of empathy and caring for that person. Perhaps it causes your eyes to water. 

If you haven’t experienced anything like that then perhaps you can imagine what that would be like. Or, you could watch a sad movie, or a love story that really brings you in. If all else fails, try to find someone with an incredibly open heart and spend some time with them. 

An amazing example of a very open heart is an Indian saint named Amachi. She comes to the US once a year, and is well worth waiting to see. You can find out more about her at https://amma.org/ You might even experience your heart by looking at her pictures. Or find someone who resonates with you like Mother Teresa.

One heart meditation is to simply reflect on something or someone that causes you to feel that warm open feeling. It doesn’t matter how you get that sensation, once you have it, staying present with it is the meditation.

You can also bring your attention to your heart chakra, whatever part of it works best for you. Keep your attention on your heart during your meditation time. Bring your attention back when it wonder, and keep bringing it back. Eventually you will master your attention in all areas of your life. 

Having the energies of the heart center activated evolves the individual from survival to love. It unties the bondage to ignorance, darkness and negativity. Please let me know if you chose a heart related path, I love to be in contact with people like you. 


Writing this article had  a profound effect on my heart chakra. The open warm feeling I felt for the hours I worked on it inspires me to give more. I have several more meditation videos to write articles for, I can hardly wait for an opportunity to write more on the heart. 

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