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Yoga For The Psoas


Yoga for the Psoas

Yoga for the Psoas

The psoas muscle is the deepest muscle in the body. It starts at the inner lower spine moving through the lower torso to the inside of the hips, wraps around the upper thigh bone and attaches to the upper inner thigh.

It is the only muscle that connects the upper and lower body. Its function is actually disputed, but most would agree it is a postural muscle. Others (including me) consider it to be one of the most important muscles in the body. There are many other functions that you can read about here.

Not only does it stabilize the body, but it is the core strength muscle. Pilates is designed to strengthen the psoas. But, there isn’t a system for stretching it!

All physical trainers and therapists would agree that it is important to stretch a muscle after doing strengthening exercises. But, how do you stretch this deep and illusive muscle?

Fortunately, you can now learn all the major stretches in Yoga for the Psoas. Most of the stretches are easy to do for beginners, and advanced practitioners will also find great stretches in this book.

You can get your electronic copy for the low price of only $9.

There is a 60 day money back guarantee, so try it out and make sure it fits with what you need.