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Below is a list of my books with a short description and link to where you can find them. Some are free and loaded with information about the subject.

Yoga for the Psoas

Yoga for the Psoas

Yoga for the Psoas: 34 Stretches for the Deepest Core Muscle in the Body. This is a popular book that is great for anyone interested in the core muscles of the body. While the stretches are directed at the psoas muscle, they will also affect many other areas of the body. It will be of special interest to yoga and Pilates instructors. Read more here.

Back Pain Secrets. What is the best and fastest way to end your specific back pain? Back Pain Secrets answers that question for the most common back pain issues. Included is the most common cause and treatment for lower back pain. Read more here.

Self Adjusting Technique. Learn how to gently self adjust your back, neck, hips and ribs without cracking or the pain that comes with forceful adjustments like most chiropractors use. End your pain fast and get back to doing what you love to do in life. Read more here.

Adrenal Fatigue: Get Your Life Back. Adrenal fatigue is one of the most common ailments today. Doctors rarely recognize the dozens of linked symptoms and end up treating them with drugs and psychiatry. Learn how to end your fatigue and get back to living a life you can love again. Read more here.

50 Symptoms Of Adrenal Fatigue Plus Chinese Healing Method. Free! What symptoms do you have? There are over 50 common symptoms of adrenal fatigue. If you have three or more then you probably need adrenal fatigue help. Also included are some of the best Chinese Medicine techniques to heal. Get your free copy now. Read more here.