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Rotated Triangle

Rotated Triangle by Alexis

Hi, welcome to Kalidasa.com, I’m Kalidasa, often spoken without the final “a.” I am a long time yogi, holistic healer, and writer. I hope you find something of interest here. 

As well as some carefully written articles and videos on all aspects of yoga, and holistic healing I am here to answer any questions about those subjects. You can contact me anytime, or leave a comment on any article and I’ll do my best to answer either directly, or with an article or video. I love questions because they are almost always inspirational. 

Some of the subjects you can find information here are Yoga Posture Instruction, Holistic Healing, Yoga Philosophy, Tantra, and Yoga Classes. You can also find out about private sessions for those subjects as well as Emotional Clearing, and Spiritual Guidance. All is based on a sliding scale that starts at $0.00.

You can also contact me if you would just like someone to talk to about just about anything. 

Some of my favorite articles that also happen to be popular are on the right side bar. And, you can find out more about me here (link will appear when it’s ready).

There are also some books for sale. Yoga For The Psoas is particularly popular. Be sure to let me know what you think about it!