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Krya Cita Prana Lotus

This is a very slow method of doing asanas. Krya Cita Prana roughly means movement of mind and energy meaning that energy is directed by the mind to cause movement making it a very meditative way to do postures.

The minimum time to do one asana is 20 minutes. The movement is very slow with pauses to breath in prana or life energy which facilitates the movement. I will write more about the technique if there is interest.

For now you can watch the demonstration of lotus. You may not want to watch the entire video since it is almost 23 minutes long. If you want to skip some of it you might like to skip to 11:45 and watch for a few minutes.

Finally, I would really appreciate your comments. If there is interest then I will do more demonstrations and write up instructions on how to do the practice.

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